Police Messages

If you have any information about suspicious incidents or activity please telephone the police on the general number 101. Please remember to ask the call handler to mark, or tag, your call `NHW' (Neighbourhood Watch) NHW office 01278-644799

If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the www.ourwatch.org.uk website.
05-May-2021 05/05/2021 9788 AN010 Theft and Handling Stolen Goods.

A site has been unlawfully entered in Greenhill Road, Sandford sometime between the 1st and 4th May. The offender/s have gained access by opening fencing and have then gone on to remove a quantity of insulation products and scaffolding parts.

Any information please contact the Police on 101 quoting Ref number: 5221095900 stating NHW Release or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Thank you for your support.

16-Mar-2021 16/03/2021 9788 AN010 Theft from an Outbuilding.

An outbuilding has been broken into sometime between the 11th and the 14th in Wimblestone Road, Winscombe. The offender has rolled back the roof in order to establish entry and once inside has stolen a motorcycle engine described as a Honda CR500 (Scrambler) before making off.

Any information please contact the Police on 101 quoting Ref number: 5221055152 stating NHW Release or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Thank you for your support.

10-Mar-2021 05/03/2021 9788 AN/AE/AW Beat Areas: Phone fraud warning after incidents reported in Somerset.

We're reminding people to be cautious and recognise signs of telephone and courier fraud following a number of reported incidents in Somerset in recent days.
We're investigating four reports in the Bridgwater area of fraudsters phoning potential victims and claiming to be police officers dealing with fraud.
In one instance, a woman in her 90s living in Sedgemoor, was called by a fraudster falsely claiming to be working for police in Bournemouth. He told her officers had arrested someone who had her account details and claimed her bank were involved in the scam.
He went on to encourage her to take out a four-figure sum from her bank and to lie to cashiers about why she was making such a large withdrawal, before handing it over to a 'courier' who would give her a password when he arrived. She duly handed the money to the fake 'courier' and also provided personal banking information over the phone, which led to money also being stolen from her account.

Fraud protect officer Amy Horrobin said: 'Fraudsters tend to prey on the elderly and vulnerable people but anyone can be a victim. There's no shame in being tricked by these professional criminals, they can be very convincing.

'We must stress though police will never asking you to make a withdrawal from your bank for an investigation. They will never ask you to hand over personal banking details, such as your PIN. And they will never ask you to hand money to a courier who will collect it. The same goes for banks and other legitimate organisations and agencies.
'It is difficult during a phone call out of the blue to always think clearly, especially if the subject appears at face value to be very serious.
'So if you are unsure if what you're being told may be a scam, then hang up the phone - the person at the other end of the phone will not be offended by you being cautious, if they are who they claim to be.
'Leave it five minutes, make sure you hear a dialling tone and the person who called initially has cleared the line, before then calling the organisation or company back. Use a number they advertise on their website or in the phone book. Don't use any number the person gives you.
'Alternatively call police on 101 or speak to someone you know for further advice.'
We are also aware of an unsuccessful attempt to defraud someone living near Glastonbury too over the past week.

Crime prevention advice
Genuine callers, such as from a bank, police or crime agency, will:
* never ask you to withdraw cash for them
* never arrange for cash to be collected by a courier
* never ask for bank card details
* never ask for your PIN

We'd urge any other victims in the Bridgwater area to come forward and contact the police on 101, giving reference number 5221045252.
More information on how to prevent being a victim of fraud is available on Action Fraud's website and we'd ask people to spread the message to friends and family, especially people living alone, to prevent further victims.

19-Feb-2021 17/02/2021 7315 AN 006 DISTRACTION BURGLARY

AMBERLANDS CLOSE, BACKWELL, sometime between 3:30pm and 3:45pm on Tuesday the 16th of February, a mixed race male has knocked on a door when answered he said he had a food delivery, the resident refused delivery, the male then asked for a note to say they refused delivery, while the victim went to get some paper the male has stepped inside and has stolen a purse, which contained cash.

Please remind your members, family and friends to ask for identification of callers and if necessary close the door while checking, genuine callers will understand the need for security,

When reporting a crime or giving information through Crimestoppers, No personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not go to court or have to speak to a police officer.

If you have any information regarding this incident, contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, or via their online form.

Please quote Reference number 5221034194, Thank you.

04-Feb-2021 01/02/2021 9788 Somerset: BT Telephone Scam.
One of our schemes from North Somerset has kindly notified me of an old scam that has re appeared.

Here are the basics of what you need to look out for and be aware of:

A caller will state they are from BT, and you have an unsettled balance on your account of £****, you will be disconnected if immediate payment if not made and the bill will rise when re connected at a later date.

When challenged, they provide a false name, last used was 'John Peacock' and a strong foreign accent was detected, the caller states they can prove they are from BT and goes through a process where they pretend to disconnect the line momentarily. The recipient is asked to end the call and try and call someone else which they find is not possible The reason this is not possible is the caller had initiated the call and only they can terminate, they simply mute the phone to make it appear they are not there, this gives the impression the line is dead. When the Scam caller hears you stop trying to call out, they will clear the line and call you back giving the impression they have re connected your line.

At this point you may feel reassured this is genuine, IT IS NOT.

If in any doubt call your provider and check with them, never hand over your bank details to someone that calls you out of the blue.

04-Feb-2021 26/01/2021 9788 Somerset: Remain alert to Vaccination Scams.

Again this morning, a couple of our coordinators have directed me to another potentially hazardous scam claiming to originate from the NHS offering the vaccine for Covid-19. On first impressions it looks quite genuine, until the point at which it asks for payment details.

As we all know the vaccine is completely free, the NHS will never ask for your bank account or card details, your pin or banking password and they will not ask for proof of identity such as passport, driving licence or pay slips.

Please see the scam email here:

Here is a link to the NHS website to find more information:

06-Jan-2021 05/01/21 9788 Somerset: Can you help us find this jewellery's rightful owner?
We're appealing for help to identify the rightful owners of a quantity of jewellery.
Operation Remedy officers seized the items on Wednesday 16 December as part of their ongoing activity tackling burglary, drug and knife crime.
The items include stone-set bracelets, necklaces and earrings, two watches and a pair of hoop earrings (pictured), which are all suspected of being stolen in burglaries.
If you have any information which could help to identify the rightful owners, call 101 quoting reference 5220197748.


19-Nov-2020 17/11/20 9788 Somerset: HMRC Scam Emails
We have kindly been made aware of a couple recent scam emails that are again going around claiming to represent HMRC. The attached file is for your information and awareness and will show you what to look out for, but as a rule HMRC will not give money away unless it has been claimed for.

Also do please be aware of any unexpected email that suggests you may have had a failed delivery, particularly this time of year and never part with any personal information.


With the increase in online scams and cyber crime it is a good time to review your passwords and on-line security.
Advice from the National Cyber Security Centre and the Police Digital Security Centre is simple and easy:
1. Use different passwords for your email and online accounts
2. Use 3 random words passwords
Examples: owlpigfox , (or better; owl-pig-fox), (or better still; Owl-Pig-Fox)
Why 3 random words? Simple - these 'created' words are not in any dictionary
3. Use two-factor authentication (2FA)
This is a second level of security that's being used increasingly. It uses your mobile phone number to send you an text message with a 'one-time' code to enter.
Some online services now have 2FA automatically turned on - for others it may be a security option that you can turn on yourself, such as Gmail, Facebook etc. All that will be requested is your mobile number, so that the one-time authentication code can be exchanged.

For more information;

19-Oct-2020 National campaign launched to prevent romance fraud
Police forces across the country are working together with partners to tackle romance fraud, with a
combination of awareness raising and enforcement activity, co-ordinated by the City of London Police and
Action Fraud.
Read the full story here:

17-Sep-2020 14/09/20 9788 Somerset: HM Courts & Tribunals Service Scam

We have been made aware very recently of a new scam.

An email is titled HM Courts & Tribunals Services and will state in the subject "Your Fixed Penalty Notice Ref:" followed by a series of numbers.

In the actual email itself it will explain the total cost is £25 with a delivery date of 7am to 7pm.

The location for the supposed offence simply states "United Kingdom"

Below is a copy of the scam I received earlier to familiarise yourselves, the "Click here to Pay" link has been deactivated.

Please, if you receive this in your inbox do not fall for it and advise others that may be unaware.


17-Sep-2020 16/09/20 9788 Somerset: Victim stories of County Lines drug dealing

You may have heard the words 'County Lines' used in many interviews with police and politicians and in news reports, but do you know how it can affect people's lives?

The document below tells the stories of some of the victims of this crime and also gives hints on how to spot the signs of 'cuckooing', when the homes and lives of people are taken over by criminals.


27-Aug-2020 26/08/20 9788 Somerset: TV Licence Scams.

I am sure we have all received an email claiming to be from TV Licensing at some point in the past, but this is one scam that appears to keep on going.

One of our members has recently emailed me with a slightly new version of this scam and I have decided to share this with you to make you aware of what to look out for. The email has been sanitised to protect the members identity. I have placed a couple of obvious pointers on there for your information.

On the document below is some additional useful information provided by the Age UK website.
Paul Johnson
NHW Admin (Somerset)

27-Aug-2020 20/08/20 9788 Somerset: Rogue Traders
There have been numerous reports of rogue traders throughout the South Gloucestershire area during the last two days. Two males have called on a resident of Bredon, Yate, offering to repair damage to the roof for £800 which was rejected, although it was agreed that the pair would clean the guttering for £180. The suspects then left after 5 minutes, after asking the resident to sign some form of document.

An elderly male was approached by a male as he walked along Quarry Road in Alveston. The suspect claimed that he had done work for the victim before, but fortunately an off-duty police officer noticed what was going on and the offender walked off when the officer approached.

Another vulnerable resident was stopped by a male on Alcacia Road in Staple Hill who said that he had done work for her before and asked if she wanted anything else done. The female said that she needed some damp work done and the offender said he wanted some money in advance to buy some materials. Fortunately the resident remembered that he hadn't done any work for her before so refused to hand over any money.

We have sent messages previously about cold callers and doorstep traders, but we now want to extend that warning to include anyone who approaches people asking for work and claiming that they know you, or have worked for you in the past.

Always use traders who have been recommended to you by someone you trust. Get a written quote on headed notepaper and never pay in cash. Be wary of anyone asking if you need any work done or someone who 'just happened' to notice that there was some damage they could fix straight away

07-Aug-2020 04/08/20 7315 AN 010 BURGLARY

SIDCOT, WINSCOMBE, approximately 3am on Monday the 3rd of August, the resident was woken by the alarm sounding, on checking, it was found the family car had a window smashed and the car moved from the front of the garage and the garage door help open by the bins, the sounding of the alarm may have disturbed the intruder, nothing appears to have been stolen.

If you have any information regarding this incident, contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, or via their online form.

No personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not go to court or have to speak to police when contacting Crimestoppers.

Please quote Reference number 5220173174

25-Jul-2020 20/07/20 9788 Somerset Guide to Online Shopping
The current virus situation is just one of the reasons for a huge increase in the number of people doing their shopping online.

ActionFraud has produced a handy guide on how to stay safe when shopping online, and this is attached to this Alert message. Please pass it on to your friends, relatives and neighbours.

15-May-2020 13/05/20 9788 AN010 Theft of a Motor Vehicle.

A van parked in Church Street, Banwell has been stolen between 3pm on the 11th and 10am on the 12th. The Ford Transit van contained a selection of hand tools and a child's seat and was securely locked. The keys were not present with the vehicle, so it is unclear how the offender managed to start it with it being immobilised.

If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220102699 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.
Advice on van security here:

17-Apr-2020 17/04/20 9788 AN010 Attempted Burglary Residential.

A home in Church Road, Winscombe has been the subject of an attempted burglary on the 16th at around 5:50am. The homeowners were alerted by the sound of someone in their rear garden and upon checking could make out the figure of a male dressed in black trying to break through their rear door, the offender was disturbed and left but the glass to the rear door had been smashed in an attempt to gain entry. The man left via Church Road and no vehicle is believed to have been used.

If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220083397 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.

17-Apr-2020 17/04/20 9788 Somerset: Scams & Fraud Video.

The next of our popular senior safety videos, which discusses the topic of Covid-19 scams and frauds that are being targeted at the vulnerable and elderly, is now available. This may help protect the many frightened and vulnerable elderly citizens in our communities.

Please pass the link to anyone who you think would benefit, or watch and take notes to pass on to those residents nearby who don't have access to the internet.


10-Apr-2020 09/04/20 9788, March Crime Figures - AN010

The document below provides a breakdown of the types of crime that occurred in your area in November 2019.


10-Apr-2020 07/04/20 Somerset Scams and Fraud Video

Please find a link to our senior safety video, which discusses the topic of Covid-19 scams and frauds that are being targeted at the vulnerable and elderly. This may help protect the many frightened and vulnerable elder citizens in our communities. Please pass the link to anyone who would benefit, or watch and take notes to pass on to those residents nearby who don't have access to the internet.
Do please stay safe & stay home.

04-Apr-2020 02/04/20 9788 AN010 Residential Garage Burglary.
A garage has been broken into in Grenville Avenue, WSM on the 1st between 9:30am and 10am. The offender arrived in a drop tail lorry, wearing a yellow high visability jacket and orange trousers, similar to that of a refuge collector. They entered the garage through a double glazed door without force and stole a Makita Drill and additional battery, charger and a bag of shopping before departing where they were viewed also picking up a food bin.
If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220073437 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.

04-Apr-2020 02/04/20 9788 Somerset Another Coronavirus Scam

The latest scam seems to be that scammers have been sending fake texts to individuals threatening a fine for leaving home. The text claims that the UK Government has been tracking your movements and that you left the home on given dates and travelled a specified distance. You are then told that you have to pay a fine, which will increase the longer you take to pay it. THIS IS A SCAM. It uses the name of a civil authority and preys on your worry that it will cost more if you ignore it. Delete the text and never click on any link in a message from someone you don't know.

The BBC Website has more information on this and can be found by following this link below:


21-Mar-2020 20/03/20 9788 Somerset: Shopping Scam (Vulnerable & Isolation)

During this challenging period, it is heartening to hear lots of stories of kindness from friends and neighbours caring for one another. This is where many Neighbourhood Watches have excelled in looking after the elderly and vulnerable members of their community - or simply offer to help everyone. This includes phone calls to ensure people are ok, assistance with appointments and the collection of groceries and medications.

We must however remain vigilant and rely upon those we know and trust. I have learnt today of a couple of incidents where callers have arrived on doorways offering to do shopping, claiming to be good Samaritans. They have taken money and a shopping list but never returned.

Unfortunately there are some people who will always take advantage of any crisis to steal from those in need. Please do not fall foul to this and only rely upon people you know or trust to help you.

06-Mar-2020 06/03/20 9788 Somerset: Covid-19 Scam Email

Please be aware of a new scam email advising that you are entitled to a tax refund (rebate) of £128.34. The email states that this is a precautionary measure in cooperation with National Insurance and National Health Services, It is NOT. It goes on to suggest the funds can help protect yourself against COVID-19 and to access the funds now by clicking on the blue hyperlink, Please DO NOT do this.

North Wales Police (NWP) have advised this has already cost the public more than £800,000 in a month and to contact Action Fraud for advice on: 0300 123 2040

06-Mar-2020 27/02/20 9788 Somerset: Consumer Advice Regarding Intruder Alarms.

If you are considering installing a burglar alarm, then it is suggested that you contact
The Alarms Team at Avon and Somerset Constabulary (01278 646 644)
There are companies who promote their security installations by advising that police do not respond to alarm activations. This statement is incorrect. If you are considering a security installation with the requirement of a police response, The Alarms Team can offer guidance and advice on how this can be achieved.
There are many different types of security systems which can offer you the security you require, these can vary in price and vary in the end result. If you receive a phone call from a security company offering you a deal, please remember that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it invariably is. Consumer advice reminds us to always shop around and compare prices and the purchase of electronic security is no different.

• Door 2 Door Sales people attending your house who are not invited.
• Telesales persons telephoning your home.
• Waiving your rights to a cooling off period.
• Overpriced security systems and unclear contracts.
You can contact the Alarms Team on, (01278 646 644)
(We do not sell Alarm Systems or make recommendations)

See the leaflet at

06-Mar-2020 04/03/20 9788, February Crime Figures - AN010

The document below provides a breakdown of the types of crime that occurred in your area in November 2019.


08-Dec-2019 05/12/19 9788, November Crime Figures - AN010

The document below provides a breakdown of the types of crime that occurred in your area in November 2019.


08-Dec-2019 04/12/19 9788, Force Area Fraudster Warning.

Bath Trading Standards have alerted us to a number of incidents where residents have been telephoned by someone falsely claiming to be from the 'credit investigation' or 'debt advice' departments of the Citizens Advice Bureau.

This can be an expensive and worrying time of year for many people, so it can be easy for them to fall prey to scammers, particularly if they appear to be offering some relief from debt. It is also a concern that the scammers are using the Citizens Advice name as that is where consumers are signposted for most problems.

Although these reports have come from Bath, the calls are not likely to be area specific. If anyone has been affected by a similar telephone call, the advice from Trading Standards is to call the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 or report it online at

Another suspicious incident occurred in Canterbury Road, Bath. At approximately 3pm on Friday 29 November, a male has called at the home of an elderly female claiming to be from BBC Market Research. He wanted to go inside the property to complete the survey, despite the resident saying she would send it on. The male also suggested he could pay £1,000 towards the TV licence. As he neither wore or showed any form of ID the resident became suspicious and shut the door on him. Remember that you don't have to answer the door to anyone you don't know or weren't expecting. Always use a door chain if possible.

We want to remind residents to be wary of any unexpected callers at your door, especially those offering unwanted services or selling items that may be of poor quality and over-priced. Always use a trader who has been recommended to you by a trusted source. All items must come with a 14-day cooling off period, and any quote should be on company stationery containing the seller's address and phone number

08-Dec-2019 06/12/19 9788 Press Release, Elderly pedestrians injured in car park collision.

We are appealing for witnesses to a collision in which a 97-year-old man was injured.
Officers were called to the car park of Morrisons in Summer Lane, Weston-super-Mare, just before midday on Monday 2 December.
There were reports of two elderly pedestrians having been in injured in a collision with a car.
They were treated at Weston General Hospital for injuries not believed life-threatening or life-changing. The 97-year-old man remains in hospital for treatment. The car driver, a man in his 70s, was spoken to at the scene.
If you saw the collision get in touch, or call 101, quoting log 380 of 2nd December.

11-Nov-2019 11/11/19 9788 AN010 Burglary Residential Garage / Theft from Vehicle.

A vehicle parked in the driveway of a property in Broadleaze Way, Winscombe has been broken into by utilising an electronic device on the 6th between 3am and 3:30am. Once inside the vehicle the 3 offenders have stolen between £10 & £20 in loose change and has then used the garage fob located within the vehicle to open the garage door and steal a number of electronic AEG power tools from within.

Another vehicle in Broadleaze has also been broken into on the same evening and a wallet was stolen, the vehicle was locked in the morning which would suggest it would be the same 3 offenders.

If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5219259559 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.

31-Oct-2019 31/10/19 7164 FORCEWIDE Suspected Fraud Phone Calls

Please alert any elderly or vulnerable friends, neighbours or relatives to the following scam.

Bath and North East Somerset Trading Standards have been made aware of three residents being contacted by suspected fraudsters who are claiming to be from 'Bath Council', 'Safe and Secure' or 'Protect Your Home UK'.

The caller say that they are contacting people aged between 50 and 70 to offer home security systems. One resident was offered an ID wrist band for £1, along with a quote for floor sensors which would alert the wristband if there was a flood or fire. The other resident was offered free security equipment, £1 for installation and ongoing maintenance costs to be agreed. Both residents say the caller was extremely convincing. The caller guaranteed that police, ambulance or fire would attend an incident. The telephone number provided to residents does not work and it's believed that this is a SCAM! This may be an attempt to get people's bank details or to sign residents up to an expensive monthly subscription.

If you have been affected by a similar telephone call, the advice from Trading Standards is to call the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 or report it online at

31-Oct-2019 24/10/19 9788 AN010 Burglary Residential.

A home in Ivy Walk, Banwell has been burgled on the 23rd between 2:30pm & 2:55pm. 3 offenders were seen leaving the property wearing masks, dark clothing and hoodies. The neighbour had observed them jumping over a fence carrying stolen goods. Stolen from the property was a Television and a safe. The offenders had gained entry via a window to the property and had clearly known what they were looking for and had conducted a messy search in doing so. They left via the same method and made off in a vehicle.

If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5219245780 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.

31-Oct-2019 23/10/19 9788 Possible Somerset Brexit Scam

There have been reports from people living in the Devon and Cornwall area about a Brexit Scam. Scammers have been contacting people and claiming that the supply of medicines will be affected by the UK leaving Europe and people will have to pay in advance to ensure their prescriptions won't be affected. The caller will then try to get their bank details. Although this hasn't happened in Avon and Somerset as yet, it may only be a matter of time before the scammers try our area.

Always be wary of any unexpected callers who ask for your personal or financial information, especially if they are claiming to be from a bank or the tax office. Scammers will always seize on confusion caused by a major event like Brexit to take money from people. If you have any doubts or concerns about a caller, hang up.

08-May-2019 03/05/19 7164 AN001-AN015 Missing Motorbikes

Please see the document below to read about some motorbikes that were stolen from Winford during the night of Sunday 14 April. They are still missing at the time of this message.

06-May-2019 03/05/19 7164 AN001-AN015 Small Business Burglaries

Please read the document below to read about police in North Somerset urging local businesses to avoid leaving cash on their premises overnight after a number of burglaries.

12-Mar-2019 BCU3 25022019 Garden Security
Please see the two documents below. One relates to gardening tips to deter burglars and the other relating shed/outbuildings.

As the better weather and lighter evenings come round this is a good time of year to check security, updating it where appropriate, to help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime.


27-Feb-2019 N092 26022019 Witnesses sought
Police are appealing for the public's help following the theft of a large quantity of golfing clothes in the North Somerset area.
They would like members of the public - particularly golf players and those attending car boot sales - to be vigilant for well-known golf clothing being offered for sale.
The items were taken from a golf club in Clevedon Road, Tickenham at about 4.30am on Friday 22 February.
Items taken include: trousers; jumpers, jackets and polo shirts. The clothing is branded - Ping, Footjoy, Proquip and Sunderland. In addition a Titleist Stadry stand-up golfing bag was taken.
We would like anyone spotting the items taken, or being offered them, to contact the police.
Police are also keen to hear from anyone who was in the Clevedon Road area of Tickenham around the time of the incident who may have seen a vehicle or anyone acting suspiciously in the area.
Anyone able to help is asked to contact the Police on 101, quoting reference 5219039226

11-Jan-2019 N012 07012019 burglary
Between 1-4 January 2019 a burglary occurred at Parsons Way, Winscombe. Entry was gained to a room above a garage at the property and found that a cement mixer stored there was missing.

11-Jan-2019 MONTHLY REPORT - December
Below figures relate to the Weston Villages beat area (AN010)
47 reports of crime, including:
1 Assault
0 Assault on Police
3 dwelling burglary (+ 2 attempt)
1 non dwelling burglary (+ 1 attempt)
4 criminal damage - property
7 criminal damage - vehicles
3 theft from motor vehicles
2 theft of motor vehicle
1 theft of pedal cycle
0 theft from shops
Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - 5 reports across the beat.
Beat Surgeries:
17 January - Winscombe farmers' market, 10am-12noon
18 January - Banwell country craft store, 10-11am
PACT/Have Your Say - agenda at parish council meetings as published locally
Local team will be holding horse tack marking session at Murphy's Saddlery and Tack Shop, Puxton on 26 January from 2-4pm
If you have information about suspicious incidents or activity please telephone the police on the general number 101 or contact via the website link

29-Nov-2018 Windows Computer Scam
There has been a reported rise in the 'Microsoft virus on your computer' telephone scam.

This scam is where the caller is saying your computer has a virus. The caller claims that if the virus is not removed damage will be caused to the computer. The caller will ask the computer owner to access a website provided by the caller and download software to deal with the virus. Doing this will expose the computer to potential risks like; unwanted Malware, computer viruses or allowing remote access to the computer by the caller even after the call has ended.

In a recent case where the software was downloaded as per the caller's instructions the software reported that there were numerous viruses on the computer. The caller askes the computer owner to provide bank details and personal information so that the viruses could be removed.

The simple solution is, if you receive a call of this nature or similar nature then end the call immediately.

If you have been targeted by a call of this nature and you have followed the caller's instructions switch off the computer and isolate it from any network and/or the internet. If you have concerns about viruses on your computer consider seeking advice from a trusted computer specialist.

For further advice on cyber-crime visit

30-Sep-2018 BCU23 25092018 Crimes Against Older Persons
BCU23 25092018 - This message is sent at the request of the Crown Prosecution Service and Senior Police Officers across the Force.
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have launched a public consultation on the revised public policy guidance on Crimes Against Older People.
The policy guidance has been developed in partnership with two National Scrutiny Panels, which consist of members with experience and expertise from a community and academic perspective.
In advance of its finalisation, we would welcome views on five specific questions regarding the policy guidance. Any other comments outside these questions are also welcome.
The consultation can be found on the CPS website at:
and will run until 28 October 2018. The final policy guidance will be published later in the year.

03-Sep-2018 N368 29082018 attempted burglary
During the early hours of 28 August an attempt was made to break into a property at South Hill, Winscombe. Damage was caused to patio doors and the sound of this alerted the householder. No entry was gained and nothing stolen

Please call 101 if you have any information, ref 5218192550.

03-Sep-2018 BCU21 15082018 warning message
This message is put out at the request of our corporate communications department following a spate of vulnerable victim frauds. There are a number of `stories' that are used, one describes being from the NCA investigating the bank, others refer to errors on computers etc.

Scammers are quick-witted and their stories are very convincing. We urge you to read this advice from @GetSafeOnline and start a conversation with older relatives, neighbours and friends to make sure they are confident to say no to #TelephoneScams

03-Sep-2018 N343 14082018 monthly report
FOR INFORMATION - Do not agree to work offered by unsolicited doorstep callers, take time to get three quotes from reputable businesses you trust and make your decision on who to use in your own time. Get recommendations from friends or via
If you are concerned someone is at risk, always call the police. If you are concerned rogue traders are operating in your area, always report it. If someone knocks on your door and you are not sure, don't open the door.

Below figures relate to the Weston villages beat area (AN010)
314 calls to the police from members of the public in the beat area
48 reports of crime, including:
7 Assault
0 Assault on Police
2 dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)
0 non dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)
3 criminal damage - property
2 criminal damage - vehicles
2 theft from motor vehicles
0 theft of motor vehicle
2 theft of pedal cycle
3 theft from shops
remainder miscellaneous
Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - 10 reports across the beat. Issues largely relate to fly-tipping issues. Officers are working with the local council on this matter.
Beat Surgery:
23 August - Winscombe Farmers market from 10am-12noon
If you have information about suspicious incidents or activity please telephone the police on the general number 101 or contact via the website link

27-Jul-2018 N310 13072018 burglary
Report received on 12 July regarding a burglary that had occurred at a property in Evergreen Close, Winscombe. Entry had been gained through an insecure door and a purse containing bank cards and cash was stolen.

27-Mar-2018 Non dwelling break
During the early hours of 22 March a garage at Woodborough Road, Winscombe was broken into.
Report made on 23 March of a break to a shed and store room at Church Road, Winscombe.
Between 20-22 March damage caused to lock on a garage at Knapps Drive, Winscombe

27-Mar-2018 Message from the Police & Crime Commissioner
Transforming the response to domestic abuse

Victims, communities and professionals across Avon and Somerset are being asked to share their views on the response to domestic abuse at every stage, from prevention through to rehabilitation, in order to help shape the way, together we respond to this crime.

A national review has been commissioned by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Home Office and is being supported by Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens who is asking local people have their say and use their knowledge to make a difference.

By consulting, the focus is to capture the victims' voice and harness the expertise of charities, specialist organisations and professionals across policing, criminal justice, health, welfare, education and local authorities - making domestic abuse everybody's business.

Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens said: 'I have made protecting the most vulnerable from harm the top priority in my Police and Crime Plan, so very much welcome this government consultation on domestic abuse. The proposals from the government cover a wide range of issues, from awareness raising and support for victims, to the criminal justice experience and how we reduce reoffending. These are all areas that I am working on as PCC and as such I will be sharing my views as part of the consultation.'

"It is important we listen to as many voices and as much experience as possible and ensure this is captured in order to transform the response to domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is everyone's business and it is vital that we work together to let victims know we are there for them when they need help and support.'

On 26 March, Ms Mountstevens has been invited to attend and speak at a regional Domestic Abuse Consultation Event in Exeter. The event will introduce a draft Domestic Abuse Bill and ask attendees for their suggestions in developing the programme of work.

The event, which in addition to the South West will be travelling to other locations across the country, will also provide discussion opportunities and forums to allow practitioners, professionals and victims to share their views and give feedback on the Government's proposals.

Share your views at:

The consultation will close on 31 May 2018 and will be followed by a formal Government response in the autumn.

08-Feb-2018 High Value Fraud

This message is sent to make you aware of a number of high value fraud offences that have occurred. Some were in the Bristol area including:

Victims had cold callers at the door and were persuaded that work needed to be done on the roof of the property. The victim went to the bank to withdraw a significant amount of cash to pay the callers in advance. However the bank staff thought it suspicious and reported the matter to the police.

Yesterday in Wells a resident received a telephone call from someone claiming to be from the Bank advising that their account had been compromised and advising to transfer the savings into a safe account. Victim did this and has lost £45,000.

Police urge extreme care with regard to any cold callers at the door, telephone callers and Emails from unknown sources. Do not have dealings with cold callers at the door. Do not give out personal information to anyone - please remember that official bodies such as banks will never telephone you at home and ask for your details.

If you are in any doubt call the police on 101 - and if you feel threatened or intimidated particularly by callers at the door then call the police using the 999 system.

08-Feb-2018 GENERAL REMINDER - reminder from our crime reduction officer about light timers. If you use light timers at your home, please consider changing the time range as the days draw longer and remember when we change to British Summer Time next month, you should adjust them again.

Below figures relate to the Weston villages area (AN010)
233 calls from your beat area
46 reported as crimes, including:
3 Assault
1 Assault on Police
1 dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)
1 non dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)
1 criminal damage - property
1 criminal damage - vehicles
3 theft from motor vehicles
1 theft of motor vehicle
0 theft of pedal cycles
1 theft from shops
remainder miscellaneous
Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - 4 reports across the beat. Reports include those relating to dog fouling - more signs are being erected in relevant areas.

Beat Surgery:
12 and 23 February - Coffee with Cops at The Pantry Coffee shop, Winscombe, 9-10.30am
12 February - Coffee with Cops at Banwell coffee shop, 9.30-10.30am
13 February - Coffee with Cops, Parkside café, Locking, 10.30-11.30am
22 February - Winscombe Farmers Market, 10-12noon
If you have information about suspicious incidents or activity please telephone the police on the general number 101 or contact via the website link https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/contact-us/

04-Jan-2018 MONTHLY OVERVIEW - December
Below figures relate to the Weston villages beat area (AN010)
231 calls from your beat area
34 reported as crimes, including:
4 Assault
0 Assault on Police
2 dwelling burglary (+0 attempt)
2 Non dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)
2 criminal damage - property
3 criminal damage - vehicles
1 theft from motor vehicles
0 theft of motor vehicle
1 theft of pedal cycles
0 theft from shops
remainder miscellaneous
Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - 11 reports across the beat.
Beat Surgeries:
25 January, Winscombe farmers market, 10-12noon
15 January, Coffee with Cops at The Pantry coffee shop, Winscombe, 9-10.30am
Community Connect planning an event aimed at the over 50's, at the Ebdon Arms function room on 24 January from 2-4pm, local officer will be attending.

30-Dec-2017 N423 20122017 AN007
Overnight 17-18 December a shed at Bristol Road, Churchill was broken into. Items stolen include a mountain bike, stunt jumper and 2 chain saws.

13-Jan-2017 N016 10012017 AN010
Between 6-9 January an attempt was made to gain access into a garage at Greenhill Road, Winscombe. Lock on the door was damaged but no entry gained.

Report on 9 January of items stolen from a shop in Winscombe - offender realised he had been spotted by staff and got rid of the items before being challenged.

13-Jan-2017 N013 09012017 AN010
Overnight of 7-8 January an outbuilding and shed at a property in West Garston, Banwell were broken into. Damage caused to locks but nothing believed stolen.

Overnight of 7-8 January vehicle parked at South Croft, Winscombe broken into and tools stolen.

06-Jun-2016 Burglary
Overnight of 20-21 May a burglary occurred at a property in Moorham Road, Winscombe. Rear door was broken to gain access and a search made inside. It appears that jewellery has been stolen.

06-Jun-2016 Reminder
This is a brief message to remind members that the warmer weather brings with it a need to remember to ensure that your properties are kept secure, windows and doors kept closed and locked whenever possible and certainly when properties are unattended.

In addition warmer weather encourages people to be outdoors more and for an influx of holiday makers. We have attached below a link to some crime reduction information that may be of interest to you and your members at this time of year.


14-Oct-2015 Community Response
The police, together with North somerset Council, have launched a new service called Community Response. Why not report issues online to them, using their new mobile-friendly forms, which include reporting on:
•cycling on a footpath
•a nuisance (noise and pollution)
•anti-social behaviour
•community trigger
•lost dog
•mail watch
Here is their October Newsletter
CR 3 - Oct 2015.pdf

13-Aug-2015 Theft of ride on lawnmowers.
Somerset is experiencing an increase in thefts of ride on lawnmowers.
In most cases they are being stolen from secure sheds and barns.
We are advising owners to check and review their security - upgrade locks to those with 'Sold Secure' approval.
Be sure to mark your mowers with an approved marking system and to register them with Immobilise.com.
Call 101 to report any suspicious activity and check with any neighbours, who you know have ride on lawnmowers, who may not get this message.

31-Jul-2015 Property Theft
Overnight on the 29th July a theft has occurred on Gables Close in Banwell. An animal hutch, push bike and garden furniture has been taken from the property's rear garden. Access to the garden was gained by forcing the secured wooden gate.

09-Jul-2015 Theft from vehicle
Between 3-6 July a Transit vehicle was parked at Winscombe Hill, Winscombe. On return to the vehicle the victim found that the rear door had been forced open and tools stolen from inside.

Items stolen include drills, cutters, saws, batteries and a radio.

12-Dec-2014 Christmas loans and doorstep fraud
1. There is a national campaign to help prevent members of the public becoming the victims of `loan sharks'. Whilst this is a very personal matter for individuals, please remind members that what may seem like a small loan to tide people over for Christmas, could end up costing them well into the New Year and beyond. Advice from agencies including trading standards is that it is much better and safer to use credit unions for such loans.

2. There has recently been a campaign aiming at reducing the number of victims of doorstep crime and fraud nationwide. As part of this campaign the Home Office are undertaking a survey to see whether the campaign has had any impact on the public. This will take the form of surveyors calling on residents across the Somerset area - the calls will be random across the area so we cannot predict if or when they will be in your vicinity. However surveys will take place until 21 December.

Those undertaking the survey will have identification with them and an explanatory letter with both the Home Office and Police logo on explaining what they are doing and giving details on how to clarify any details.
Please remember however that if you have any concerns over any callers at the door - you should always call the police direct on 101 and if you think it is an emergency then call 999.

04-Dec-2014 This is a general message to schemes across Somerset.
There has been a general increase in the number of thefts from motor vehicles recently. Some of these are occurring in shopper car parks, some in residential areas and an increasing number in rural car parks.

These rural car parks are often in beauty spot areas and predominantly used by walkers during daylight hours. Vehicles have generally been left secure and access has been gained by breaking windows. Items left on display in such vehicles has been targeted - such as personal items, satellite navigation accessories and small change left in central consoles.

Please remind members of this type of crime and ask that they not only keep vehicles secure, but remove temptation by ensuring they do not leave any
items on display. No matter how inconsequential you think the item is, it could be too good an opportunity for the would-be criminal.

21-Nov-2014 General Reminder
We are sure that many of you will have either started shopping for Christmas or soon will be. Please remember that your vehicle can be like a shop window and at times an open invitation to the would-be criminal. In brief, don't make their life easy - ensure that you never leave any items on display when the vehicle is unattended. Always make sure the vehicle is locked, that windows are secure and alarm/immobiliser activated.

Monthly Overview - October

Total calls made to the police from the beat: 51 Total crimes reported - 6, including:

1 Assault
0 Assault on Police
2 dwelling burglary
1 non dwelling burglary
0 criminal damage (property/vehicles)
0 theft from motor vehicles
0 theft of motor vehicle
0 theft of pedal cycles
remainder miscellaneous

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - 4 reports.

New Beat Manager for your area is PC 2316 Andy BRAUND

Beat Surgery: each Thursday at the village hall in Winscombe from 10am-12noon.

PACT/Have Your Say meeting on 24 November at Sandford Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.