The impact of climate change is global, from the thawing of Alaska and the North Pole, and flooding, to the fires in Australia and California.

Locally, in early 2019 North Somerset Council declared a Climate Emergency. Since then a draft Climate Emergency Strategy and a live Action Plan have been prepared. These documents have been endorsed by full council and now form the basis for the council's response to the climate emergency. As well as seven key principles that outline how the Council will address the causes and consequences of climate change, the strategy includes an aim for North Somerset to become a carbon neutral council and a carbon neutral area by 2030. The Council is interested in your views on how North Somerset has responded to the climate emergency and your views on the draft strategy. There's also an opportunity to sign up for future workshops to help develop the action plan which can also be viewed online. Visit for more inofrmation, and to respond to their consultation, open until end January 2020.

How can we help with the climate emergency?
Firstly, take a look at the Resources section below, for the facts on climate change and the climate emergency.

Secondly, there are a number of changes we can make in everyday life, which can have a real impact on climate change. See the 'Ways we can help' in the Resources section

Thirdly, find out what local groups are doing together to reduce climate change impacts. Why not get in touch with them to find out more?

Finally, share your own tips for reducing carbon emissions. Send them in to the Editor, Winscombe and Sandford Village website, c/o the Thursday market in Winscombe, or post them on Facebook

Resources: click here

News Item - 26-Feb-2020
Climate Change: Heading for extinction and what to do about it

Members of Extinction Rebellion will share the latest climate science on where our planet is heading and offer solutions to the problem

Date And Time: Wed, 26 February 2020, 18:45 - 21:00 GMT
Location: Victoria Methodist Church, 38 Station Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1XY

News Item - 26-Feb-2020
Greta Thunberg to join school strike in Bristol

News Item - 6-Feb-2020
Bristol declares ecological emergency over loss of wildlife

News Item - 6-Feb-2020
North Somerset Council is supporting re-wilding as one way of helping to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Re-wilding means a significant change to the way we look after our open spaces. There will be less frequently mown grass but we will have more trees and more tall grass areas. This means that we will have a greater variety of wildlife and this biodiversity is better for the health of the environment; and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Re-wilding still needs management. The Council will carry out the tasks that require machinery, such as cutting the tall grass at the end of the season; and mowing the paths and edges of tall grass throughout the summer. But this still leaves lots of work to do. Volunteers are needed. This is a great opportunity to get some exercise and learn about nature; as well as meeting like-minded people and giving something back to your community.

There are a whole range of things that need doing:
  • Tree planting. The council plans to plant
    • 5,000 trees in February 2020
    • 25,000 during the winter of 2020/21
    • 20,000 trees in the winter 2021/22
  • New tree maintenance - once the trees have been planted they'll need:
    • Weeding to stop the competition from taking away the water and nutrients our trees will need
    • Making sure guards and stakes are in place
    • Watering
    • Replacing dead trees
    • Litter picking
  • Tall grass management. The council will carry out the annual grass cut but we'll also need help with:
    • Litter picking
    • Helping keep paths and edges maintained
    • Helping wildflower meadows establish where possible e.g. raking away cut grass and carrying out plug planting/seeding
    • Helping with signage - we are planning to use the blue heart scheme ( to promote why we are re-wilding
  • Wildlife monitoring
    • This will help us understand the impacts of our re-wilding

The Council are looking for volunteers, and for 'Re-wilding Champions' to help organise local groups. There will be training, insurance, and tools provided. To join a group at a site, contact the Council.

The first list of tree planting sites and dates is here:

Saturday 15 February
Watchouse Hill, Pill - 9am (188 trees) meet at the site car park on The Green
Badger Rise, Portishead - 1.30pm (234 trees) meet by the play area on nightingale rise

Sunday 16 February
Robin Place, Portishead - 9am (104 trees) junction of Robin Place and Wagtail Crescent (BS20 7PX)
Central Park, Burlington Road, Portishead - 9.30am (116 trees) meet at the Rusty Ladies
Halletts Way, Portishead - 12.30pm (162 trees) meet at the play area on Halletts Way

Monday 17 February
Chestnut Grove, Clevedon - 10am (588 tress) meet at the gate at the end of chestnut grove

Tuesday 18 February
Locking Moor Road, Locking - 1pm (120 trees) lay-by between helicopter museum roundabout and Elm Tree Road

Wednesday 19 February
Arnolds Way, Yatton - 10am (116 trees) meet at the corner of Brunel Way and Arnolds way
Hutton Moor, Weston - 1pm (269 trees) meet in Hutton Moor car park by the field gate

Thursday 20 February
Cricket Field, Poppy Close, Wick St Lawrence - 10am (379 trees) meet behind the Ebdon arms on the open space

Friday 21 February
Jubilee Park, Weston - 10am (82 trees) meet at the entrance to the park from Windwhistle lane

Saturday 22 February
Pound Lane, Nailsea - 9.30am (289 trees) meet at the end of the cul de sac to Moor end Spout (BS48 2Da)
Rhyne View, Nailsea - 2.30pm (85 trees) meet at the main open space at Rhyne View

Sunday 23 February
Sedgemoor Close, Nailsea - 9.30am (302 trees) Field gate at the end of Sedgemoor Close
Trendlewood Way Park, Nailsea - 2.30pm (60 trees) Near the croquet club at Birdlip close

Tuesday 25 February
Elm Farm, Wraxall - 9am (332 trees) meet at the main field gate on Lodge Lane

Wednesday 26 February
Powis Close, Weston - 9.30am (143 trees) meet at the end of the cul de sac at Powis close
Castle Batch, Weston - 1pm (109 trees) meet at castle batch car park

Thursday 27 February
Scot Elm Drive, Weston - 10am (195 trees) meet at the entrance to the school on Scot Elm Drive

Saturday 29 February
Lynch Farm, Weston - 9.30am (211 trees) meet at the path from Rossendale Close
Silverberry, Weston - 2pm (104 trees) meet on the open space from Verbena Way

Sunday 1 March
Locking Road, Weston - 9.30am (215 trees) meet at the corner of Baytree View and Locking Road
Ashcombe Park, Weston - 2pm (115 trees). Meet by the bottom play area within Ashcombe Park

The tree planting events are open to everyone so the Council. will also be advertising this more widely through their usual channels


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